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Management Team


Suchi Acharya, PhD

President and CEO

Dr. Suchismita Acharya is the Founding President of AyuVis Research. Prior to AyuVis, She spent 15 years in various leadership roles with  Alcon Labs (Novartis) and led projects from early stage to pre-clinical in glaucoma, AMD and anti-viral diseases.


She is an innovative scientist with the ambition of adding first in-class small molecules for ocular as well as anti bacterial/viral diseases to AyuVis’ research and drug discovery portfolio. She is a certified Project Manager and managed drug discovery projects from hit to lead, lead optimization and lead the project through phase-I-III clinical trials in humans.


Dennis Dean, PhD

Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Dennis Dean is an innovative process chemist with 30+ years experience in synthetic organic chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, process development, route selection, and optimization and process validation. He is experienced in the synthesis of small molecules for medicinal uses such as steroids, prostaglandins, heterocycles, peptides and nucleotides.


In addition, he has extensive experience in CMC and compliance areas as they relate to GMP API manufacturing, in particular APIs for clinical development. This includes regulatory filings and GMP audits of API manufacturers.


Russell Bromley, BA

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Russell Bromley brings us 30 years of management experience in life science research and healthcare.

Mr. Bromley has an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Rice University. He has experience as a consultant, founder, CEO, COO, and president to biomedical research institutions, foundations and companies in healthcare, IT and high-tech manufacturing, including 17 years with Baxter Healthcare.



Dwight Horton, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Dwight Horton holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Texas at Arlington. He has more than 27 years of experience as a financial executive supporting operations, acquisitions and licensing in both the US and internationally at a large ophthalmic pharmaceutical company (Alcon Laboratories). He is also  an active angel investor.



Beamon Agarwal, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Beamon Agarwal is a highly qualified pathologist who brings in many years of translational research and pathology experience in the fields of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC), breast cancer, lymphomas. He was trained at Tata Memorial Center, India and University of Pennsylvania.


Dr. Agarwal has extensive experience in both neoplastic and non-neoplastic pathology in the eastern and western world and with animal histopathology.