Board of Directors


Suchi Acharya, PhD

Board Chairman

Dr. Suchismita Acharya is the Founding President of AyuVis Research. Prior to AyuVis, She spent 15 years in various leadership roles with  Alcon Labs (Novartis) and led projects from early stage to pre-clinical in glaucoma, AMD and anti-viral diseases.


She is an innovative scientist with the ambition of adding first in-class small molecules for ocular as well as anti bacterial/viral diseases to AyuVis’ research and drug discovery portfolio. She is a certified Project Manager and managed drug discovery projects from hit to lead, lead optimization and lead the project through phase-I-III clinical trials in humans.


Gagan Acharya

Board Secretary

Gagan Acharya is the co-founder of AyuVis Research. He is a Chartered Accountant and an experienced IT professional with excellent knowledge over finance, accounting and business.


He has 20+ years of experience as a technology executive, in healthcare, investment, and mortgage industries.


Stella Robertson, PhD

Board Member

25+ years Pharmaceutical industry R&D with global project management, product development, and clinical expertise. 5+ years mentor, board member and scientific adviser with early stage companies, and VC/angel investing.

Stella is also a Drug Development Advisor for AyuVis Research.


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