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AyuVis is developing a platform of immunotherapies to prevent and treat life threatening diseases
with no current, effective therapies. 

Our solutions are transformational because they are not hindered by
drug resistance and do not cause immunosuppression.

AyuVis’ small molecules are simple to synthesize and produce, which will allow the drugs to be available and affordable to all income levels around the world

For ICU patients that have life-threatening inflammation and infection, the only effective treatment methods are steroids and antibiotics which have harmful side effects or lead to multidrug resistance. AyuVis is harnessing the power of novel small molecules to develop immunotherapies that modulate the body's first line of defense, white blood cells, to fight inflammation and infection with a balanced immune response. They prevent tissue and organ damage, promote new cell growth, and circumvent multi-drug resistance to defeat tough-to-beat bacterial infections. This has been proven in extensive preclinical research and human clinical trials are on the horizon.

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