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AyuVis Research, Inc. is developing a new generation of immunotherapy that, rather than simply activating or suppressing the immune response, provide a

well-balanced outcome where both mild activation and controlled suppression of the immune system is needed to effectively treat disease. This process allows us to control both inflammation and infection.


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Our Pipeline

Our lead candidate AVR-48 has been granted Orphan Drug* and Rare Pediatric Disease Designations by the US FDA** for the prevention of BPD in at-risk infants.

  1. Easy to manufacture.

  2. Simple to formulate.

  3. Safe with no toxicity in humans.

Unlike previous generations of immunotherapy, AyuVis' compounds target the white blood cells in the innate immune system to provide a rapid response 

Based on pharmacoeconomic analysis, the market potential for our lead compound AVR-48 in lung diseases is annually over $16B in the US and $35B globally

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